Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kobe Bryant is 10th All Time NBA Scorer

Congrats to the Black Mamba for passing Dominique Wilkins as the 10th all time NBA leader in points. Tonight Kobe suited up having 26,654 career points. He needed just 15 against Detroit to surpass The Human Highlight Film. Since Kobe always brings his A game when playing the Pistons, scoring 14+ points was as automatic as a Fisher 1 pointer.

Put away your Texas Instruments, I've done the math already and figured out how high on the list Kobe can get by the end of this season. After scoring 17 tonight, Kobe will now need 40 points (26,711 pts) to become the NBA's 9th all time prolific scorer. After that, Kobe will need 236 (26,947 pts) to pass Olajuwon for the 8th spot. That will only require about 5 ppg for the remaining 50 games of the regular season. That's certainly doable. Is the 7th spot obtainable this season? Well, Kobe will need 643 (27,314 pts) to get it. This means that Kobe will have to average 13 ppg for the remaining season. 6th Spot? Kobe will need 739 (27,410 pts) averaging just 15 ppg. 5th Spot? Okay now you're being greedy. Although we would all love to see KB pass Shaq, this will have to wait unfortunately for several reasons. Reason 1, Shaq is still racking in the points, with his 6th team (cough). Reason #2, lets just say Shaq has a season ending injury, Kobe will then need 1,830 (28,501 pts) and average roughly 37 ppg for the remaining season to pass The Green Giant.

Click on the chart below to keep track of Kobe's adventures to the 6th spot this season courtesy of NBA.com.

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