Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oddest Lakers Collectables

For all you Lakers fans out there who can't walk by a sports collectables store without getting something purple and gold, we've researched far in and far out for the oddest Lakers collectables. We know you probably own a couple of these items! Send us a link or photo of an odd collectable you found or may have that we missed.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Morrison and Mbenga - Still on the market

According to the SI Free Agent Tracker, Adam Morrison and D.J. Mbenga are still unrestricted free agents. Just a month ago Morrison was working out in Vegas in front of several team representatives. Washington showed strong interest for the Gonzaga star and 2007 NBA All-Rookie Second Team but no official move was made. Adam's spectating mode is long over-lived, he just wants to play ball again. This is what he said to reporters last month after his shooting practice.

"It was a good shooting workout. It was good," Morrison said, before being asked if he'd be interested in coming to Washington. "That'd be a great place. But I want to play anywhere. I haven't played basically in two years, so I'm just looking for a place to get some quality minutes and try to get back in that rhythm again."

Adam Morrison will be making roughly $5.3 million this upcoming season if he remains a Laker. A very nice salary for someone who played just a total of 83 games in the past two seasons.

D.J. Mbenga's presence off the bench as a Lakers center reserve will be needed more now that Josh Powell has gone to Atlanta. The one thing that you can count on with the Congo native is his physicality. He rarely gets injured and because of that he's become a reliable source for the team. The other thing you can always count on with Mbenga is his inability to fundamentally play the sport. Yes his solid 7-foot frame is an impressive defensive force but can he move around offensively like our other big men? Maybe team mentor and Laker legend Kareem can set aside D.J. and newly acquired Ratliff for some one-on-one sessions.

NBA fans are desperately looking for a big man that can emulate a Kareem skyhook. Please! All we see now is the standard hippity-hoppity, elbow to the rib cage thrust to the rim for the camera flash happy dunk. What happened to the days of fundamental basketball? Do I really sound that old? I'm 33 for crying out loud and I rarely see the turn-around Hakeem fade-way. Gasol, Duncan, and Jermain O'Neal have always been a favorite for me.

Okay back to Morrison and D.J. I can see Morrison leaving but I see D.J. staying with the squad just for his physique and defensive role. It would be nice if he would learn a move or two this off season. Its ironic that after all of the off season money hungry free agents, the one player who may serve his most important role in this upcoming season will only be making $959,111.00. I say "only" because its the least of the players salaries.

Monday, August 9, 2010

THE NBA Finals Rematch of ALL NBA Finals Rematches

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The reason why I predict another LA vs Boston finals appearance is simply because they WILL be the two last teams standing when the Miami sun sets. Boston has almost the same line-up. Not much off season movement so their comfort level is on a much needed high for an easy bounce-back. One bad move however was the addition of Shaq. A bad move that might possibly spoil my great prediction. With all of his recent traveling from one team to another, Big Diesel should consider going Big Hybrid. I guess in a way Shaq is going green. Lets face the music here Superman, to say you're past your prime would be like saying "You're da Bomb" and still think you're cool saying it. It's apparent that he's trying to ride any team to get #5. Maybe a personal vendetta to match rings with Mr. Kobe Bryant before hanging the towel?

Personally I would love to see the rematch...of the rematch. I can picture the headliners now, "L.A. vs Boston, This Time It's Much More Personal", or better yet "The Black Mamba vs The Big Shamrock". A rivalry inside of a rivalry. This will definitely add fuel to an everlasting flame.

Sports analysts already have L.A. winning 65+ games this upcoming season. A crazy expectation maybe derived from their off season success. They've definitely added needed depth to the bench. This is standard off season protocol for Kupchak. He's da bomb, uh I mean, he's da man? I am so not cool. Anyway, any true Lakers fan knows that L.A.'s Achilles heal is (was) their bench. We've added two great 3-point shooters, i.e. Blake and Barnes. These two are definite hustlers on the defensive side and with their perimeter offense look for them to have plenty of PT by PJ. Look for Kobe to have confidence dishing the rock from the typical 5-on-1 Kobe defense to these two second unit sparks at any open look opportunity. Splash.

Lastly I'm going to say two quick things about the Miami Three. Can James, Wade and Bosh stay healthy? And if not, will their bench step up when needed? Wait, does Miami even have a bench? Uh oh.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Shannon Brown back from fishing trip


Lakers resign free agent guard Shannon Brown to a 2-year contract worth $4.6 million

YES! Brown is back baby! We can keep saying, "What can Brown do for you?" for the next 2 years!

I tell every Lakers fan that Shannon Brown is the teams future and so vital for Kobe's shelf life. Just give Shannon any opportunity for additional PT and he'll never steer fans to the wrong direction.

Look back at all of Kobe's highlight clips from last season and you'll see that the first person to hug Kobe with equal enthusiasm is Shannon.

Welcome back Shannon Brown!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Legends of Poker - Mariani/Buss No-Limit Hold-em



Play in the Mariani/Buss No-limit Hold-em Poker Tourney on August 17, 2010. The tourney will be held at the Bicycle Casino. Complete details are below.

Proceeds to benefit the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation.

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LakerLiker has no affiliation with this ad nor intends to make money from sales. Promotional intent only.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

NBA 2K11

I guess the only way you can top the current cover which shows the greatest active player in the NBA Kobe Bryant is to have the all-time greatest player ever to touch the rock on the NBA 2K11 cover.

A standing O goes to NBA 2K Sports for making a beautiful cover for next years version. The next generation of NBA 2K Sports will once again easily be the top-seller in basketball video gaming. I've always wondered why gamers are still so intrigued with NBA Live? NBA2K Sports conquers and have looked over their competition since their Dreamcast days.

I've been researching to find out whether you can actually play as MJ in NBA 2K11 and I've had no luck. This sucks because I can't remember when gamers were able to? I guess licensing is the issue here. The only thing I've found is that you can actually reenact Jordan's biggest moments. That's about as close as we're getting to "be like Mike". This is definitely a big step for MJ fans nevertheless. Hey, any way you can be like Mike by the press of a controller button is more than we basketball gamers can ask for.

From the greatest player actively playing to the greatest player ever, NBA 2K Sports has definitely found a way to rise above an already steep bar.

Release Date (all consoles): Oct.5th

For more information about the game click below: