Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lakers Reflect An Old Rivalry Among Champions

Boston Celtics (29-15) vs Los Angeles Lakers (36-11)
First meeting this season
TV: ABC - 3:30PM EST

Well it's that time of year again, Boston vs Lakers. A rivalry that dates back to Adam and Eve. How do you think Boston got it's clover idea? Current champions vs previous champions. The Purple Pleasant vs the Boston Bitter. We (fans too) always have something to prove against the Celtics. The outcome of this dual usually is an early indicator of how well the winning team plays post season.

Boston facts:

Boston is entering this game with a two game losing streak. This month, the Celtics are 6-13 making January their worst month of the season. Ending January with a win over the champs is a definite must. Pierce is coming off his season high 35 point game. Ray Allen's numbers in Jan. are erratic but this certainly does not discount his ability to dominate with his always dependable clutch shooting. He has one of the best looking jump shots out there. KG has 4 games under his jersey strings since his injury return from being sidelined for 10 games. He is still trying to get back into rhythm. Rondo is averaging 10 assists, look for him to penetrate and make plays to an outside Pierce or Allen. Lakers better match-up for speed and defense when Rondo is on the floor. Kendrick Perkins has stepped up big in Garnetts absence resulting in him being the teams leading rebounder averaging 8 boards. Rasheed Wallace has been inconsistent all season long and is very unpredictable. He can kill the Lakers with his 3 point shot or become his teams martyr with his 3 point shots.

L.A. facts:

Lakers are coming off a 3 road game winning streak. This is big for the teams chemistry and will be a confidence booster entering TD Garden. Kobe's points have dropped a little but the team as a whole typically pulls through when Kobe doesn't. Gasol has executed 6 double doubles in the last 8 games since his return from his hamstring injury. Bynum always plays well when he has something to prove. His absence in the upcoming All-Star game is reason enough. This game and it's media offspring is his opportunity to shine and remind his fans why he should've been voted in. Artest is on a high, fresh off one of his better games this season. He made three 3 pointers that helped add to his 18 points. LO is averaging double double figures and doesn't have any plans to lower that average. Look for both Brown and Farmar to get some significant playing time to match-up with Rondo's speed.

One things for certain, my Sunday laundry will definitely be done before game time!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

2010 NBA All Star Starters and Reserves

(Click to enlarge)
All-Star Starters
All-Star Reserves
Photos courtesy of

Congrats goes to Kobe for naturally making the All-Star starting squad and congrats to Gasol for making the All-Star reserves squad.

Remember to see Shannon Brown take the Dunk Contest trophy! Go Shannon!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kobe Just 72 Points Away From Being Lakers All-Time Leading Scorer

Tonight Kobe produced 29 points against the Indiana Pacers which makes him just 72 points shy of beating the all-time Laker legend Jerry West as the teams leading scorer.

Jerry West in 14 seasons as a Laker scored a total of 25,193 points. Kobe, also currently in his 14th season will surpass Mr. Jerry West's spot as the all-time Laker leading scorer. The question is when? How many games will it take Kobe to score the needed 72 points? I say 3 games since the team is more involved and therefor sharing the points column.

No disrespect to the NBA logo but I thought it would be fitting to temporarily put Kobe's silhouette for this occasion.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shannon Brown Gives Us A Dunk Contest Preview

Shannon Brown had a dunk frenzy against the Washington Wizards. Why it took so long to enter him into the dunk contest baffles me. It's like ordering a hamburger with no fries. Go Shannon!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lakers One on One with President Obama

Lakers will be the 1st NBA champions celebrated at the White House by meeting with President Barack Obama on January 25th.

Knowing that the White House has a newly renovated full-size basketball court and also knowing that the President has decent game, I wouldn't be shocked to see an improvised game develop. Kobe's already lost two games this season to a King, this will be a great opportunity to redeem himself by beating a President.

Check out President Obama's basketball moves. After watching this video, I came to the conclusion the he is the coolest President to date!

Rich Soil Clothing

This blog was created to talk about everything Lakers and this post will follow those guidelines. This past Friday, my employers printer/copier IT technician came in to work on one of our network printers. Everyone who walks into my office knows I'm a Laker fan and this typically sparks up instant Laker talk. He mentioned that he was at one of his customers locations the day before, Rich Soil Clothing. He said they had given him several free shirts and asked if i wanted one. I didn't get the Laker connection but then he further explained that he saw Lamar Odom pictures on the wall. THEN it dawned on me, this must be LO's clothing line. I didn't know the corporate office was based in my neck of the woods though!

I didn't get the physical address but I know for certain it is in Santa Ana/Costa Mesa. I did some research and some of the shirt designs are pretty cool. I especially like the "Free The Robots Collaboration" and "From L.A. to Queens" shirt design. He also sells a Rich Soil Ring that resembles the current NBA championship ring for roughly $70.

Here is the website link to Lamar Odom's clothing line:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

One Loss, Seven Wins To Go

Cleveland Cavaliers (33-11) host the Los Angeles Lakers (32-10)
Series swept by Cavs 2-0
Cavs 93, Lakers 87

Game Wrap Up

The #1 team vs the #2 team in the league. LeBron vs Kobe. Lets give credit where credit is due. LeBron was simply faster, stronger and more efficient. He ended up with 37 points and 9 assists. Kobe had 31 points.

Who would be tonight's rebound leader? Gasol? Bynum? LeBron? LO? How about Shaq? LeBron or maybe Ilgauskas, Varejao? Try again. It was J.J. Hickson! He had a career high 14 rebs with 11 points. Maybe he was the surprise factor for the Lakers.

Kobe went 4-15 in the second half. Missed free throws/rebounds towards the stretch and poor all around FG shooting (.386) could've also been factors for tonight's loss. When you have LeBron rapping to Eminem lyrics in the late seconds of the game before the inbound pass you know the game is over. Lakers need to regroup and focus for the next 7 road games.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

25,000 Points and Counting...

Tonight Kobe became the youngest NBA player to score 25,000 the free throw line. It appears that Kobe likes to make his record setting numbers at the charity stripe. When he passed Kareem's 24,176 points in November he also did it while making a free throw. Wait, maybe the Kobe-Haters are right about Kobe living at the 1 point line? Or maybe Kobe is just too quick and gets fouled often by slow defenders trying to catch up? Either way Kobe is scoring points and evidently a lot of them.

Like they say in basketball, the ball never lies.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Video Archives: The 80's Lakers Rap All-Stars: Just Say No To Drugs

Wow, just wow. I remember this rap but damn. Were we that cheesy back then? It's like watching footloose now and think to yourself how the hell was this popular? LOL.

Lakers F8 Game Road Trip

Lakers will learn their true fate in this upcoming 8 game road trip. Whether the residual is a stronger unbeatable Laker team or a defeated one rubbing their heads, we will certainly know how this road trip tested the champs come this February 2nd. I just can't believe this next trip will take us to next month. It seems like forever.

Three teams that will give the Lakers a run for their money, Cleveland, Boston and Memphis. No disrespect to the others but I just don't see the Knicks, Raptors, Wizards, Pacers and Sixers giving the Lakers much problem.

Cleveland is the bigger game of the road trip. We need to win and regain the confidence lost from the loss on Christmas Day! Out of all the items on my list, you give me a Laker loss. Thanks Santa! Boston of course is always a big game, especially when visiting. This gives Kobe the perfect opportunity and stage for his superiority over those green exploitive exploitive exploitive. Finally Memphis will be the big exit game. The Grizzlies are playing great and have won 4 straight. Never discount Mike Conley (Averaging 10 pts & 5 assists), OJ Mayo (Averaging 19 pts), Rudy Gay (Averaging 20 pts), Marc Gasol (Averaging 15 pts, 10 rebs) and Zach Randolph (Averaging 21pts, 12 rebs). Very strong starting five that will challenge our starting five, especially when all they'll will be thinking of is coming back home from the exhausting road trip.

Laker fans unite and wear whatever it is you wear for game time luck! Not to say we will need it but it definitely couldn't hurt.

Kobe Has Most Popular Selling Jersey & Lakers Have Most Popular Selling NBA Merchandise

According to the NBA store in New York City and the most popular selling NBA jersey is Kobe's and the most popular selling NBA team merchandise goes to the Lakers. Bandwagon anyone? Oh NOW everyone likes the Lakers?! If this study was based on the true Laker fan's closets and Laker fan's merchandise collection Kobe and the Lakers would've had this top spot for 20 years straight now.

Congrats to Pau Gasol for making the most popular selling NBA jersey list at #10.

Here is the list of the top 15 selling NBA player jerseys: 1. Kobe 2. LeBron 3. D. Howard 4. D. Rose 5. D. Wade 6. KG 7. CP3 8. Pierce 9. Shaq 10. Gasol 11. Melo 12. Nash 13. David Lee 14. AI 15. Kevin Durant

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Tragic Magic Lose 3rd Straight

January 18th, 2010. Lakers (31-9) host the Orlando Magic (26-14). Rematch of the 2009 NBA Finals.

Post Game Wrap Up

Lakers again show heart deep in the trenches within the bench. Shannon Brown just off his Dunk Contest entry high celebrates by scoring a career high 22 points. Go Shannon! Kobe is scoring in low numbers and not needing to carry the offensive load. He had a team high 7 assists. Anytime Kobe's the team assist leader and we come out victorious I am definitely fine with that. This is indicative of team basketball. The champs are becoming the nucleus if not have become a whole again. Gasol had his double double (17 pts with 10 rebs) and LO finshed with a whopping 16 monster boards.

Lakers bench scored 42 pts vs Magics bench 15. Ouch!

The final score is 92-98 Lakers. The Orlando Magic just need to shoot less threes. Nelson went 1-4, Carter 3-8, Barnes 1-4, Lewis 3-7, Anderson you catch my drift? Take advantage of their all-star center. The thing with D. Howard is he's just not fundamentally sound. He's great at positioning himself for that all too familiar dunk but lacks the mid range game and post up game. Howard finished strong with 24 pts and 12 boards.

What makes this win even greater is that both Boston and Suns lost tonight!

Players paid their respects to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by wearing exclusively designed Nike Zooms created for his day.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

Shannon Brown to the Dunk Contest

It's official! Shannon Brown made the 2010 Slam Dunk Contest! Let Shannon was a major factor. Great fans that voted on a daily basis made this really happen! So don't forget to support our boy come February 13th at the American Airline Center in Dallas. I guess Dallas has something to look forward to next month after all.

Defending champ Nate Robinson, who desperately needs the positive exposure as he's been benched the majority of this season, will be in with Gerald Wallace, Shannon Brown and Eric Gordon or DeMar DeRozan. These two will battle it out in a single-round two-dunk challenge that will be held at halftime during the Rookie Challenge on the night before.

LeBron James was scheduled early on this season but backed off several months ago. Either way Shannon Brown will bounce off Nate like a trampoline and grab the trophy!

Congrats to Shannon! He deserves the entry pass, just look at the video montage of dunks and blocks! The man has hops.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nike Live w/ Kobe Bryant: Nike Zoom Kobe V

On January 16th, 2010, Nike unveiled the NEW Nike Zoom Kobe V shoes and wow are they beautifully designed! I'll be picking up my pair soon, like right after this post soon! This video is great because of the one on one candid interview by George Lopez and the interaction with the audience of fans and celebrities. I know this is the fifth series of Kobe's Nike Zoom but really, this design screams Lakers and Kobe! You gotta have them. The price is $130.00 at any local Foot Locker. If you need some convincing, click on the link below for that extra nudge.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Relax Kobe, WE Got It!

Dallas Mavericks (25-13) hosted the defending Champion Los Angeles Lakers (30-9)
Series now tied 1-1

Post Game Wrap Up

Tonight was a game of record making numbers. Lakers win their 3,000th NBA game, a stand alone accomplishment and Congrats to Dirk for scoring his 20,000th point.

That being said, I bigger congrats goes to the entire Laker squad for an impressive victory over the preeminent team in the Southwest. The final score was 100-95. I had to dust off my Laker thesaurus to look up "Team Basketball" to remind myself of what the hell I was watching. Finally the Lakers show their true Purple and Gold colors! This was a complete team victory. Lakers bench outscored the Mavs bench by 10 pts. at 31 vs their 21. Farmar was key tonight setting the tempo with the 23 minutes he received and made several big shots. He was the spark off the bench and ended up being the leading second string scorer with 12 pts and 5 rebs.

Here are the numbers that made me giggle, 3 Lakers in double double figures! Why I giggled with such glee you ask? Kobe wasn't among them and Lakers still came out victorious. Bynum had 22 pts with 11 rebs, LO had 18 pts with 14 rebs and Artest went 5-5 FG with 16 pts, and 11 rebs! Again, I had to look up "Team Basketball" people! No 1,000 shot attempts by KB24 and more importantly no having to rely on team captain. Kobe's a warrior and came out to play regardless of his injuries. He attempted but his teammates were the ones who really pulled through.

Typically this is where I write about the opposing teams hi-lights but nah. Tonight is OUR night! Go Lakers!

Johnny Franco, our Texas correspondent was at the game tonight. In Dallas he's just as die-hard of a Laker fan as anybody else here in Cali. He proudly wore his Laker gear and needless to say he got some dirty looks among the loyal Maverick fans I'm sure. Good job representing Johnny! Congrats, you were that brave soul cheering on the champs when the crowd went silent. You witnessed the best team victory of the season so far.

As usual, here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spurs Fundamentally School the Lakers

In San Antonio, Lakers (29-9) meet the Spurs (23-13). When you think of the Spurs you can't help but think of basic fundamentals and when you think of the Lakers you have to think of their enigmatic up and down roller coaster offense. This is a first this season that the Lakers have an unfortunate number of injuries. Artest (concussion), Luke (pinched back nerve), Gasol (Hamstring) and of course Kobe (index finger and now back spasm). This is when the Laker bench really has to pick up the slack. Look for them to play well against the Mavs tomorrow night.

Bynum continues to play well. He finished with 23 pts and 8 rebs. LO is playing consistently well defensively and killing the boards. Tonight he had 12 and is averaging 15 rebounds in his last 7 games. Kobe not playing in the 4th quarter due to his back spasm was the final nail in the coffin.

Tim Duncan had 25 pts with 13 rebs and Parker had 22 points. San Antonio's bench helped out by scoring a combined 43 points vs the Laker bench 20. The one stat that jumped out was the Spurs 29 assists vs the Lakers 13. Spurs were simply making their shots and George Hill helped out with the situation by going 6-7 resulting in a quick 13 points.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Game Only for the Real Kings of Basketball

Lakers Bench Earn Their Buck

Coming off embarrassing back to back losses, the Los Angeles Lakers (now 29-8) easily buck the Milwaukee Bucks at home. What stood out the most was how well the Lakers bench played with Kobe having a season low 12 points. On paper Kobe's low producing stats look bad but for the Lakers when Kobe scores in low numbers, (this season at least) this equates to easy Laker victories due to the opposing team shooting horribly and the high Laker bench production. So it's safe to assume that the bench is praying for bricks from both the opponent and Kobe.

Shannon Brown had his best game of the season. Brown was the games leading scorer with a season high 19 pts. He made one 3 pointer that really should've counted as a 4 pointer. Take a look for yourself:

Farmar had 17 pts and LO was passing the ball fluently having 9 assists. Andrew Bynum, fresh off of trade rumors for Toronto's Chris Bosh, made a subliminal statement to the Laker organization by having his 3rd consecutive double double. This time he has a season high 19 rebs with 17 pts.

The Lakers looked great tonight without Kobe's typical high production. He was off going 4-21 FG however this really didn't matter as the Bucks were throwing bricks too. Lakers bench capitalized and gave team captain an opportunity to rest befor a tough road ahead.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rose Garden Arena Curse?

Curses for $1000 Alex. Answer: February 23, 2005. Jim: What is when the Mothman curse ended its tormenting death spree. Alex: No. Jen: What is when the Madden video game cover curse started. Alex: No. LakerLiker: What is the last known date the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Portland Trail Blazers at the Rose Garden Arena. Alex: Yes!

Is this really a curse? Could this misfortunate streak the Lakers would rather ignore be "curse" worthy? I mean, 9 straight defeats against Portland in their home arena. Why can't we get over this hump? Is Portland that great of a team at home? They're 13-6 at home this season, just above 500%. The Lakers, even without Gasol still were the taller team. Even though Bynum had a double double (13 pts, 12 rebs) I feel the other big man (Odom) should've been the deciding factor for tonight's Laker victory that never happened. LO needs to step up and score more than 15 points in order to help fill the Pau/Luke void. Gasol is missed and his spectator mode is hurting the team. Stupid hamstring. I say remove the hamstrings from both legs and replace them with that Titanium crap.

Tonight was the Bayless & Roy show. Their hot hand and consistent shot making helped the team's FG percentage be at .507 where the Lakers FG percentage ended up at .432. Bayless went 5-9 FG and 10-12 FT (21 pts) and Roy went 9-11 FG and 13-14 FT (32 pts). Andre Miller had 17 pts, 7 assists matching Kobe's 7 assists with 32 pts. Kobe is still carrying the offensive load having a whopping 37 shot attempts and only making 14. This stat worries me as other teammates attempted 13, 11 and 9 shots. Is Kobe trying too hard and forcing shots or is he just trying to do what his teammates seem to have difficulty doing, creating shots and scoring? It's frustrating to see at times that Kobe is often the only one penetrating and not just standing around the perimeter waiting for the outlet pass. When Kobe sits out all I see is Bynum waiting for the inside dish while the guards play hot potato.

We need inside presence and when Gasol is out, L.A.'s inside game goes with him.

Here's tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Clippers Clip Lakers Winning Streak

Lakers walk into this game with their heads held high (maybe a little too high) with a 4 game winning streak. Clippers hosting tonight's game not only played with a taller offense but outscored the Lakers quarters 2-4, really making a statement 2nd quarter. Hey, they help pay the rent too!

It seems that Baron Davis' head band is extra tight when he plays against the NBA elite. He scored 24 pts and had 13 assists against Boston two weeks ago and now has 25 pts with 14 assists against the Lakers. On the other side of the court Kobe forced many shots while other teammates hesitated to make anything happen. There were several moments in the game that Fisher, Bynum, Brown and Farmar had that gave fans some hope of a possible comeback but the Clippers had an answer to to every Laker momentum boost. Answers both offensively and defensively that just flat out stilled the Laker squad.

Fourth quarter was where the Lakers had their chance to take the lead for the first time in the second half with a 10-0 run but again, the Clippers had an answer. Whether it was through Smith (12 pts, 6 rebs), Kaman (21 pts, 14 rebs), or Gordon (18 pts) they just seemed to devise a Laker stop when needed. The only light at the end of the tunnel for the Lakers was Gordon's poor defensive performance against Kobe and #24 sure took advantage of it scoring 33 pts. Again, just when you saw a small purple and gold spark, Baron took control of the game tempo and never slowed down. You could see him yell at his teammates when they gave the Lakers any opportunity for a comeback.

Tonight really reminded us Laker fans that Kobe can not do it all by himself. Yes, he was forcing many shots but I thought that he had to do something because of the indecisiveness shown up and down the court from other Lakers. Laker fans do not freak out, it is what it is, a loss. The champs have pulled many victories out of their asses already this season so this loss I'm sure we can accept. Against the Clippers though who are 11 games back in our division and without their star athlete Blake Griffin? Yes, and you know why? Because every team, despite their record or how poorly they played the night before, will always come out and play their best basketball against the champs just to prove that they can beat us. Knowing this, Lakers can not take any team lightly.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports!
(click to enlarge)

Kobe Bryant High School Clips

Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Laker Girls Calendar

The Lakers and FOX Sports West have teamed up to create the first-ever Lakers girl calendar. This is a must have item for any Laker fan featuring all of your favorite '09-'10 Laker Girls!

Order your copy at today!

To view each calendar month photo click HERE.

LakerLiker has no affiliation with this ad nor intends to make any money from selling it. Intent for promotion only.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Kobe's Game Winning Buzzer Beater vs. Sacramento Kings - 1/1/2010

On a day when watching, "The Hangover" seemed to be appropriate post New Years Eve, as a Laker fan celebrating another clutch game winning 3 pointer from Kobe was the only way to start the New Year! Lets see, that makes it game winner #3 for team captain this season. Lakers improve their top spot in the NBA standings with a 26-6 record. Go Lakers!

Nike Zoom Kobe V Photos

(Click on photos to enlarge)