Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Okay now it's time to panic

Lakers lose 4 straight games? It's been 3 years since this has happened. Lets just face the music here or elevator music in this case, when the usual 1-2 KO punch collectively go 12-32, (Kobe 10-24, Gasol 2-8) a 4th straight loss is as certain as a Nash free-throw.

Its just strange not blaming the Lakers bench when facing a loss now-a-days. The Killer B's stung the D well tonight. Barnes had his 3rd biggest scoring game of the season with 14 pts., Brown added 11 pts. in just 21 minutes and Blake passed the ball effectively resulting in a team high 5 assists. Hmm, 5 assists is a team high?  

Its unfortunate that Lamar gets to celebrate his season high alone on the flight back home. LO had 25 pts and a game high 11 boards.

On paper, Lakers should have beaten Houston to a bloody pulp. Houston are two men down leaving them with less size in the paint and less speed to run the court. Yao Ming and Aaron Brooks had front row seats for tonight's line of entertainment. Typically the usual suspect to a Laker loss is the perimeter D and right on cue it showed its face yet again. Houston made 10 three-pointers. Battier had 4 alone. The Lakers (starting) defense is just not there, it lacks intensity. It picked up with Barnes on the floor but just never sustained any kind of momentum.

The Zen Master will have to meditate even deeper tonight in-order to regroup his champs. The 4-12 Sacramento Kings are as much of a contender as the league's elite at this point. Even with Francisco Garcia's recent injury that is making headlines. No Gymnic ball for him. Last time I heard of a ball bursting when weight was applied on it was when my Uncle accidentally sat on his. Not fun.   

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