Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nike Zoom Kobe VI - Release Date 12/26/2010

The new black Nike Zoom Kobe VI shoe comes out the day after Christmas. These shoes look more amazing up close but less destructive to your wallet from afar. The new kicks will cost you 165 bones so save all of your Christmas gift receipts for possible cash refunds. Hopefully the extra cash will put a dent into this must-have purchase this Holiday season.

You can actually design your own Nike Zoom Kobe VI at NikeStore.com and purchase them right online. Click on my design below to design your own Kobe Zoom VI. My design is as close as Nike will let me get to mimicking the new shoe. Maybe on a rainy day where I "happen" to casually "stumble" into a local Footlocker, I just might grab me a pair. Excuse the "air quotes", dang it I did it again!

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