Monday, November 22, 2010

Our Prayers Go Out To The Tang Family

AP 2010-11-21
Last night after the Lakers game the unimaginable happened. A 2-year-old boy fell 30 feet from luxury box seats 3 stories up. According to the Associated Press the Tang family were taking photos just after the game when their 2-year-old son, Lucas Anthony Tang climbed over a clear safety barrier and fell to his death.

Witnesses said that the toddler was moving his arms, legs and head when transported to the ambulance. 

The Staples Center is in compliance with all safety codes and regulations. Building regulations require guardrails to be at least 26 inches high in front of seats. Guardrails in front of stairs must be 42 inches high. Incidents like these really make you question such codes and regulations. If a 2-year-old boy can climb over a safety barrier that's in compliance shouldn't there be amendments implemented?

Please keep the Tang family in your thoughts and prayers. This is such a tragic story. I know we can't bring Lucas back but I really hope the Lakers organization respectfully reacts to help ease the pain the family is going through right now.

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