Monday, November 15, 2010

2012 and the Lakers Second Straight Loss

No! Tell me it isn't so! It's all a lie! Lakers lose 2 straight?! Okay people relax. Its not 2012. Planet Earth is not going to crumble because of another Laker loss. As I read comments around the blogging community the main consensus is PANIC! Listen, we always go through this when the champs show any sign of weakness. Fans are like scattered ants when a fallen twig obstacles their path where as the real fan simply walks around Mother Nature's test. When are fans ever going to stop placing the Lakers on Gods pedestal? I mean they're placed so high even Snoop D.O. Double G is saying damn.

Lakers are fine. Remember this is only L.A.'s second loss of the season. Did you really think they were going to go 82-0? An 8-2 record is not too shabby, actually it's 3rd best in the league. Just shy of New Orleans (8-0) and San Antonio (8-1) records.

Here are some favoring numbers that I really shouldn't have to spotlight. Hopefully they'll raise some eye brows and bring comfort to those who are in the fetal position.

Kobe is ranked 6th among shooting guards. He's averaging 25 points, 5 rebounds/assists. He's scored 252 points (3rd). Gasol is ranked 1st among centers, 2nd among power forwards and 2nd overall in the league. The Spaniard is a doble doble monster! He's averaging  23 points with 12 rebs. He's scored a total of 232 (6th). Lamar is among the top 25 small forwards and coincides with his teammates double double average scoring 15 ppg and pulling down 10 rebs pg. Shannon Brown is having a career high season so far scoring in the double digits when playing 20 + minutes. D Fish is still clutch in the grind. We can always look for him to make the big shot. Fisher has also picked up his defense game, he has 13 steals already. Speaking of defense Artest continues to show his defensive colors by pick-pocketing for 18 scrappy steals.

Look L.A. continues to look as promising as a pinky swear and you know you can't go back on a pinky swear and they will continue to be THE team to beat regardless of their recent catastrophic events.


  1. Is there any possible that we can gather enough bronze to immortalize Kobe Bryant's sac?

  2. That's pretty funny! Haha.


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