Sunday, October 3, 2010

XBOX 360 NBA 2K11 Game Review Rating - 9.5

Here is the official NBA 2K11 game review from IGN. Only two times has the NBA 2K Sports franchise scored in the 9.0's. In its debut year in 2000 and 2004 (9.2). Scoring a 9.5 is BIG news for loyal NBA 2K Sports fans. With the very anticipated return of Jordan in the basketball gaming industry, this proves once again that M.J. still has the Midas touch. One of NBA 2K11's biggest feature is where you're able to reenact Micheal's greatest games and moments. This feature alone may be the reason why NBA 2K Sports now holds their highest score ever. I guess everybody still does wanna be like Mike.

Here are the past IGN game review ratings based on the XBOX 360, XBOX and Dreamcast consoles according to the year of development:

NBA 2K10 - 8.5
NBA 2K9 - 8.5
NBA 2K8 - 7.9
NBA 2K7 - 8.8
NBA 2K6 - 8.0
NBA 2K5 - 8.1
ESPN 2K4 - 9.2
NBA 2K3 - 8.9
NBA 2K2 - 8.8
NBA 2K1 - 8.8
NBA 2K - 9.2

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