Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mobile Pic of the Day

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Can you tell us where this picture was taken?

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  1. R u kidding me, thats tooooo e z, all true die hards know where that is. Hmmmm let me guess "Forum" lmfao not 4 real i know it's Staple Center duh !!!!! "KC" aka PurpleKnight_16

  2. Haha K C. We wouldn't make it THAT easy. Where exactly? We all know what the Staples Center looks like and where it sits but if you look closely the man in the picture is located on a high elevation across the street from the arena.

    Come on now. Hint: Only qualified and trained people can be where he's at.

  3. the back ground speaks for it self, no matter how u break it down he is still by the Staple Center duh.....

  4. guys crack me up. Okay I give up. Anybody who knows where the Staples Center is knows that directly across the street is the L.A. Live, Nokia Theatre.

    The man in the picture is on top of one of the Nokia Theatre lights towers.


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