Monday, September 13, 2010

Lamar Odom is once again a World Champion

Team USA are once again World Basketball Champs. Not since 1994 has the USA basketball team fashioned FIBA gold. To those skeptics who often criticize the NBA for using the word "world" when crowning their champions, you can't argue the fact that the current "world" champions are the 2010 team USA players;
Iguodala, Odom, Billups, Durant, D. Rose, R. Westbrook, R. Gay, D. Granger, S. Curry, E. Gordon, K. Love, T. Chandler. You are the BEST!

I hate to admit it but I wasn't among the fans who glued themselves to the tube for the worlds basketball elite. And thats' just it, the 2010 U.S. basketball elite were awesome don't get me wrong, but they weren't "Olympic gold" awesome. With the commercially driven and media amped NBA talent like Kobe, LeBron, Wade, Bosh, D. Williams, D. Howard (it goes on and on), that when we see anything that our trained minds sees less interesting we tend to look the other way. Hey I'm on the chopping block here by saying I might have glanced here and there for tournament highlights but never really sat down to watch an entire game. Heck another contributing factor in my disinterest was me being basketball-ed out. What can I say, the Boston series took A LOT out of me.

If there were ever a reason for me to watch the entire tournament, it was for Laker Lamar Odom. He could have chosen to relax this off season and maybe show some Hollywood reality show skill or maybe even something as simple as just hanging out with fam, enjoying some great Cali sun. He could have...but he chose not to. I mean, back to back NBA titles has already justified his dominance in the NBA so I guess it would only make sense to go for world gold right? What a year for the Candy Man. Add this to your Wikipedia profile.

There was one player that really stood out throughout the tournament as I found going through box scores and video highlights. Kevin Durant just killed the world circuit competition. Durant set a record for scoring the most points (261) in the tournament by a U.S. player. The Durantula strikes on foreign soil! He averaged 22 PPG.   

Congrats to Lakers SF Lamar Odom and to the entire Coach K squad who brought back FIBA World Championship Gold!

Below is Team USA's box scores from throughout the FIBA World Championship games courtesy of

Lithuania 61 - USA 77 Box Score
USA 86 - Spain 85 Box Score
USA 87 - Greece 59 Box Score
Croatia 78 - USA 106 Box Score
USA 99 - Slovenia 77 Box Score
Brazil 68 - USA 70 Box Score
USA 88 - Iran 51 Box Score
Tunisia 57 - USA 92 Box Score
Angola 66 - USA 121 Box Score
Russia 79 - USA 89 Box Score
Lithuania 74 - USA 89 Box Score
USA 81 - Turkey 64 Box Score

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