Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oddest Lakers Collectables

For all you Lakers fans out there who can't walk by a sports collectables store without getting something purple and gold, we've researched far in and far out for the oddest Lakers collectables. We know you probably own a couple of these items! Send us a link or photo of an odd collectable you found or may have that we missed.


  1. I got a commemoritve limited edition sports illustrated with shaq on the cover for the three peat...autographed by james worthy and mitch kupchek--i was offered $50 for it

  2. For the true collector,i have a vhs(yes vhs) copy of the '92allstar game where worthy went super nova on everybody to put on a great display of his skills...also autographed by james and mitch--i was offered $100 for that


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