Monday, August 9, 2010

THE NBA Finals Rematch of ALL NBA Finals Rematches

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The reason why I predict another LA vs Boston finals appearance is simply because they WILL be the two last teams standing when the Miami sun sets. Boston has almost the same line-up. Not much off season movement so their comfort level is on a much needed high for an easy bounce-back. One bad move however was the addition of Shaq. A bad move that might possibly spoil my great prediction. With all of his recent traveling from one team to another, Big Diesel should consider going Big Hybrid. I guess in a way Shaq is going green. Lets face the music here Superman, to say you're past your prime would be like saying "You're da Bomb" and still think you're cool saying it. It's apparent that he's trying to ride any team to get #5. Maybe a personal vendetta to match rings with Mr. Kobe Bryant before hanging the towel?

Personally I would love to see the rematch...of the rematch. I can picture the headliners now, "L.A. vs Boston, This Time It's Much More Personal", or better yet "The Black Mamba vs The Big Shamrock". A rivalry inside of a rivalry. This will definitely add fuel to an everlasting flame.

Sports analysts already have L.A. winning 65+ games this upcoming season. A crazy expectation maybe derived from their off season success. They've definitely added needed depth to the bench. This is standard off season protocol for Kupchak. He's da bomb, uh I mean, he's da man? I am so not cool. Anyway, any true Lakers fan knows that L.A.'s Achilles heal is (was) their bench. We've added two great 3-point shooters, i.e. Blake and Barnes. These two are definite hustlers on the defensive side and with their perimeter offense look for them to have plenty of PT by PJ. Look for Kobe to have confidence dishing the rock from the typical 5-on-1 Kobe defense to these two second unit sparks at any open look opportunity. Splash.

Lastly I'm going to say two quick things about the Miami Three. Can James, Wade and Bosh stay healthy? And if not, will their bench step up when needed? Wait, does Miami even have a bench? Uh oh.

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