Sunday, August 1, 2010

NBA 2K11

I guess the only way you can top the current cover which shows the greatest active player in the NBA Kobe Bryant is to have the all-time greatest player ever to touch the rock on the NBA 2K11 cover.

A standing O goes to NBA 2K Sports for making a beautiful cover for next years version. The next generation of NBA 2K Sports will once again easily be the top-seller in basketball video gaming. I've always wondered why gamers are still so intrigued with NBA Live? NBA2K Sports conquers and have looked over their competition since their Dreamcast days.

I've been researching to find out whether you can actually play as MJ in NBA 2K11 and I've had no luck. This sucks because I can't remember when gamers were able to? I guess licensing is the issue here. The only thing I've found is that you can actually reenact Jordan's biggest moments. That's about as close as we're getting to "be like Mike". This is definitely a big step for MJ fans nevertheless. Hey, any way you can be like Mike by the press of a controller button is more than we basketball gamers can ask for.

From the greatest player actively playing to the greatest player ever, NBA 2K Sports has definitely found a way to rise above an already steep bar.

Release Date (all consoles): Oct.5th

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