Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sasha Go Away, Shannon You Stay

Info source:

The latest Lakers off season rumor is that the organization is looking to trade Sasha and ultimately get rid of his $5.4 million dollar salary to hopefully reel Shannon back into the lineup from his recent fishing trips.

Finally, an off season move that actually makes sense here. Bringing back Fisher obviously made my Summer, losing Farmar and Josh sucked, grabbing Blake was needed for PG longevity, gaining Ratliff made defensive sense, Barnes (no comment), and freeing up Sasha's over-paid salary to help keep Shannon makes PERFECT sense. Don't get me wrong, losing any Laker in the off season, despite unfavoring stats, is still hard to see but it is the NBA where players travel more than, well, players. (cue Corey Maggette video)

The team organization knows that Shannon can easily make much more cheese with a different team, so I hope this rumor is true. We need Brown to help shelf Kobe's franchise future but more importantly we need Brown's energy for more massive highlight dunks!

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