Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Raja Bell Laughs at Kobe's $1.8 Mill Offer


According to Marc Stein over at, Raja bell has declined to meet up with Kobe tonight. Why would Raja choose to play in L.A. for 1 year at $1.8 mill when he can play for Utah with a 3-year $10 million dollar contract? The "kid" clotheslined underlined his displeasure by canceling his dinner engagement with Kobe tonight. The scheduled chopper pick up was not to be. The Utah offer was just too good to enjoy a free helicopter ride to a free meal with an old buddy.

I mean, do you blame him? Would you let down $8.2 million for a pretty good chance to win a championship ring? That's a tough decision.


  1. Hey Eric,

    Good Post, yeah i thinking the same thing about Raja Bell turning down the Lakers offer for less money but the opportunity to win a NBA Championship With Kobe & Company. Wow can you imagine if Bell did come to the Lakers? A Defensive lineup with Kobe,Ron Artest, Fish and Bell. That would've been something! Well i guess we will never know, but you know as of this writing a signing of Matt Barnes would be a very nice consolation prize.

  2. Sports Guy,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. Yeah, after entertaining the thought of Raja being in a Lakers jersey for a while it would've actually been okay for me. You're right, our defense would've gone up a notch.

    Man, I don't know if Barnes would be a good fit for this squad though. I guess I'm still ill-stricken from THAT game last season and something about his wife doing reality TV bugs me. I don't know, I think Hollywood would be his motive for coming to L.A. rather than for a team he seems to despise a lot since his Suns days.

    Go Lakers!


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