Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hey Kobe, Barnes is still available

Just a late night thought here but why hasn't Kobe shown any interest in picking up another known nemesis in Matt Barnes? Kobe and Artest are BFF's now that they've shared a championship season together and as we've all already read Kobe tried to arrange a failed business meeting recently with Raja Bell. Phoning Matt Barnes would only make complete sense now.

The Orlando Magic SF who averaged 8.8 ppg last season is still an unrestricted free agent. I'm sure Barnes would love the opportunity to explore Kobe's head...again. Rewind to the March game where Barnes tried so hard (but was unsuccessful) to get into Kobe's membrane. Do we need to revisit the infamous ball fake to Kobe's face? Remember the stone face, no flinch reaction from Kobe?

Barnes said this about Kobe after that game...

"Best player in the world, Kobe is a killer. He’s got that killer instinct. You see him last night, if his foot wasn’t on the line, it could’ve been a different game. I was on him both those threes. He’s got that killer instinct. He’s got four (now five) rings. He’s the best player. I wasn’t trying to get in his head at all. Just you’re not going to throw elbows at me."

Certainly Barnes has respect for the "best player in the world" so why not try to elbow him into Kobe's off season schedule book?

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