Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Heartless and Soulless Lakers

If Derek Fisher is the heart and soul of this championship team why in the hell is he only offered a 1-year contract worth 2.5 million? D. Fish is the only player on the team that Kobe will listen to. Derek is clutch and has proven that time and again when it mattered the most. Derek is the team speaker and motivator when they're down. He's the one, when everyone else has given up, who pulls his teammates aside to guide them from a true veterans perspective. Derek is Mr. Iron Man and truly deserves much more than this measly offer.

Its a huge disrespect for the co-captain and I don't blame Fisher for turning the offer down and making himself available for other teams to value his worth. This sudden Blake move and talks that Sasha will play more at the 1 spot is making me cringe at the belief that the heart and soul of the team will be no more.

I mean lets face the music here, Blake who is as green of a Laker as can be is offered 4 million a year for the next 4 years and Sasha making $5.5 million for one year (WTF!) and here we have Derek who was only offered 2.5 million? I know Fisher isn't about the money as he left several million on the table in Utah to come back to L.A. but come on, the Lakers organization needs to show greater gratitude for the one man who has always been there for them.

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