Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 Free Agency - How Will It Affect The Champs?

Ah the 1st of the month, a day of unwanted bills and a quick anticipation for the 15th. But wait! What is this? The 1st of this month has actually put a smile on my face, my frown has, yes, yes, gone upside down folks! THE day has arrived and the day is beautiful. Nothing beats waking up the smell of NBA free agency. Let the games begin!

This morning (9:00pm last night for some) greeted us with the launching of this years off season free agency hoopla. My mind started to ponder the usual "what ifs". Yeah, what if the champs went fishing and reeled in a Boxfish Bosh or a Wahoo Wade, or maybe even a Jewelfish James! Why not? I mean it couldn't hurt to have a cup of joe among those who are interested in a ring rather than cha-ching. Let's face it, that mentality is the only way the Lakers are going to benefit from these festivities. Even I could sniff the Benjamins in the air today. Money will steer and decide the fate of this free agency.

This off season will showcase a wide array of the leagues most talented free agents for the taking, a gold mine for those with fat, wait let me rephrase, VERY VERY FAT wallets. Joe Johnson certainly may benefit from his wandering eyes if he signs his very generous maximum 6-year contract to remain a Hawk worth $119 million. We will definitely see cementing on the 8th when free agents can start splattering the ink.

Realistically, how will the free agency affect the back to back champs? Phil announced today that he will return for one more season, which by the way reminded me of his tell-all book after THAT season. This time around is so much sweeter. But what about Jordan Farmar? His welcome mat is faded now and the exit sign is illuminating even brighter nowadays. The team chose not to tender an offer and this is what Farmar said last week, “I love L.A., [but] I think it’s good for somebody to get away sometimes.” This is not good for his fans and for bowling fans in general as his presence at the local Lucky Strike Lanes might...split (self chuckle).

There's actually one player who may fly under the radar because of Miami's Dream Team manifestation. Mitch should try snagging Brad Miller. Andrew is injury prone and Miller can fit in perfectly. He missed 0 games this past season and is in great health. Yes he had his worst season yet but that's because of Noah hogging the minutes. We all know Bynum is great when healthy but lacks passing skills (Gasol makes up for this) and Miller can definitely pass the rock for a big man. I don't know, am I crazy for thinking this?

To keep track of this years free agency results click on the SI.COM's tracker below:
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