Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Staples CENTERS

Photo source: Yahoo Sports!

As we all saw in game 1, Boston came out as a pleasantly surprising different team. To me they didn't seem as fast and as physical as previous playoff games have shown. But then again Boston is known to learn quickly from their mistakes and turn tables faster than DJ's. We all know or should know that Perkins is not 100% but at the same time Bynum isn't either. Bynum has to keep getting his knee drained and Laker fans, that's never good news. He's far too young to have this many injuries. This a clear indicator of a hindering future. Hunting down Chris Bosh in the offseason wouldn't be such a bad idea for Buss and Kupchak as I only see Bynum's health crumbling but seeing that Chicago will most likely sign LeBron, King James will have a major deciding influence into getting Bosh so this possibility of L.A. getting Chris, especially after another successful season, would be extremely difficult. Even after Bynum's offseason surgery, I still doubt the anticipated comeback fans are expecting to magically happen. Either way, whether it be in Bynums miraculous return to the team injury free or relying on the organization to find a working antidote, the future at our 5th spot is in good hands.

Now onto Gasol. Wow, as of today I'm still surprised on how we got him. It was like reaching into Memphis' pocket and stealing a pretty shiny quarter. Pau is averaging 20 points with 11 rebs. this post season alone. And with the recent contract extension earlier this season Gasol is going to continue to dominate as a Laker through 2013-14. The Spaniard has the best foot work out of all the big men in the league and guess what Laker fans, he can shoot free throws too unlike past Laker greats like Shaq. Big Diesel reminds me of a Dwight Howard, NO FOOT WORK AND NO FREE THROW SHOOTING! The only way these types of players can score is by elbowing for the easy dunk. If Shaq and D. Howard had a free throw contest, first to 20, the Sun burning out this planet's existence would occur first.

The nucleus of the team is in our big men (having Kobe doesn't hurt either) and it can be seen that L.A.'s bench is deep enough to where PJ can rotate the PF/C spots to fulfill big man gaps if they were to occur.


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