Friday, June 11, 2010

Mellow L.O.

It's time Lamar. L.A. needs you. The only way the champs are winning this Sunday is if somebody else besides Kobe and Gasol has a notable game like Artest did in game 1 and Fish did in game 3. Lamar needs to step up. He's only scored a total of 30 points the entire series, Kobe can regurgitate that from just one game, actually he did last night scoring 33.

Odom played great in the WCF against the Suns. After game 4 in that series he was averaging 14 pts and 12 boards. Now, after game 4 in this series he's only averaging 8 points and 5 REBS. I know foul trouble in games 1 & 2 played a major factor in the sudden downfall of productivity but still, as the go-to man off the bench L.O. needs to do much more than over dribbling and forcing shots. His hesitation is holding him back from being the Lamar Odom we all know, the lefty aggressor whose drive is more powerful than Tiger Woods.

The Candy Man is playing like a candy man. Way too sweet and way too soft. Lamar needs to bounce back from a disappointing 2010 Finals so far and be the deciding factor in a game 5 victory. The Candy Man can only if he plays like he truly can.


  1. I really like this site! I've had it up during the entire game tonight! WTH...the Lakers keep missing goals that should be easy for a team withh such talent to sink. Argh!

  2. Thanks Anonymous. Lakers are in trouble having to come back home for 2 must win situations.

    I have faith! Go Lakers!


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