Thursday, June 17, 2010

Los Angeles Lakers are World Champions once again!!!

2010 NBA Finals
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Boston Celtics (4) @ Staples Center
Game 7 - L.A. wins 83 - 79
Lakers win the 2010 NBA Finals

Lakers beat the Boston Celtics in game 7 to once again claim the title of being back to back champs! The victory wasn't as easy as game 6 nor as pretty however. After being down by 13 at one point, the Lakers chances of carrying the Larry O'Brien at the end of the night was diminishing by the minute. The Celtics played great defensively and had a stop for every Lakers strike. If you looked at tonight's game stat sheet, Lakers should have honestly lost but Boston over-looked the hearts of the champions who never say die. Boston had all starters in double figures and had much higher shot percentages. So why did Boston lose?

Ironically where the champs typically lose games, the 4th quarter was where the champs took over and fooled Boston into thinking that the game was actually over. Boston was not ready for L.A.'s final 13-3 run late in the game.

Here are tonights key players. Artest was hungry for his 1st ring and showed his teammates how hungry he really was. He had 20 points and a game high 5 steals. He was the one player who kept his team in contention until the miraculous last quarter. Gasol scored 19 and had 18 rebs (9 OREBS), D. Fish was clutch once again by hitting one of the games biggest trifecta in the closing minutes. The finals MVP went to none other than Mr. Kobe Bryant who had 23 pts. and 15 boards. Although team captain (6-24 FG) and teammates shot horribly in FG's and FT's in the first three quarters, Boston could not find a way to separate themselves with a significant lead to really seal the game.

This game, this season, this championship, this series against old rivals in Boston, this dramatic game 7 win meant EVERYTHING for the team, for the organization, for the fans and for the city. No. 16 was kismet for so many reasons.

Kobe and D. Fish get their 5th ring. Phil gets his 11th ring as coach, the organization gets their back to back championship titles, Lakers finally beat Boston in a game 7 and the champions are once again king of the world!

Yes we all despise Boston but they played their hearts out too. They deserve a thank you. Thank you Boston for making this series as exciting as it was to only lose in the final minutes of game 7. Thank you Pierce for saying the most ridiculous comments that came back to bite you in the arse. Thank you Big Baby for stating to the media that you would come into game 7 and win. A very special thanks goes out to KG who talked the most trash almost guaranteeing a championship season before the regular season had even begun. Yes, congrats to your Eastern Conference championship. Please don't misinterpret my thank you's as gloating...who am I kidding, of course I'm gloating! We are the champs!

And to those idiot hoodlums who cause destruction for any celebratory reason, please stay home, get high and play some MW2.

I LOVE L.A.! Lakers are the 2010 NBA Champs!

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  1. Mate... so over the moon on this.

    Great season... but bring on 2011 bishes!


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