Monday, June 21, 2010

Lakers 16th Championship Celebration Parade

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How do you get over the dread of a Monday morning? Well, you could always go to a Lakers championship celebration parade. Heck, it happens so often its become the common out of office excuse. Although the turn out this year wasn't as close as last years celebration parade, still thousands of Lakers fans showed up to help cheer on the champions as they cruised down Figueroa Street on they victory buses from the Staples Center to USC.

Every year I get to share the Lakers championship celebration parade experience with great friends both new and old. Having an old high school buddy whom I haven't seen for over 15 years drive down from El Cajon to share the experience and also having a great friend who lives downtown and who knows the intricacies of Los Angeles all added up to an awesome day. As Ice Cube would put it, today was a good day. Thanks John for thinking of an old friend and thanks Norman for always opening your door for me.

As we hit the street scene 3 hours before start time to hopefully find an open spot along Figueroa we surprisingly found one quite easily. As we sat in anticipation we observed the crowds and absorbed the environment to help kill the waiting time. The scene had many half-crazed fans but again not as many as last year. Maybe the fact that the Coliseum celebration was excluded from the itinerary or maybe last years parade was a bigger deal because of the seven year gap (02-09) from the previous Lakers championship was the cause for the decreased numbers, who knows. Either way, we were here and so was the greatest NBA team ever.

After hours of having staring contests with the police guards, the moment had arrived! The roar of the crowd from the left of us waving in warned us of their arrival. The first two buses were occupied by the Laker Girls, media and friends and the the following buses were occupied by the back to back champs and several Laker legends. Tip toes and all I viewed in to catch a glimpse and all of a sudden I see Kobe. With his hands up and a smile a mile long, he received the love from the fans with open arms. The familiar chants of MVP, MVP met his ears and our voices were heard! I know life is all about certain moments, that moment alone I will always keep.


  1. Lakers babbbyyyy!!! Sucks we missed it this year but hopefully we wont miss it next year. Well be right there with you! The Barron's

  2. Its okay, hey there's always next year! Go Lakers!

  3. Lakers yesssirr

    my dedication to lakers fam


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