Monday, June 21, 2010

Lakers 16th Championship Celebration Parade Photo Gallery

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  1. Here in Laker nation this is just how we do it, so i don't know when u haters r going to get use to it, so the only thing u can hate on is our success. We r coming back for #17 next year u will see, so since u hate our success so much i suggest u move your ass to another state like Alaska and just chill the hell out. Back 2 Back World Champs 09-10 u damm losers.

  2. Yeah man, these Laker haters will always loom regardless of how well the champs play. They will always focus on the negative rather than the positive (like a 16th title). They just can't get past Kobe. I think it all started with the Kobe/Shaq episode earlier in the decade when they parted. Or maybe the whole Colorado incident with Kobe. Man, who knows. Those haters just can't let go. Oh well, the champs have nothing to prove anymore, 5 titles in one decade I think is justified enough.
    LOL, Alaska sounds good man! Yeah, you haters just go over and chill the heck out. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS BABY!

  3. Gotta love LA

    I show my pride on my chest


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