Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Game 6 - The Perfect Game

2010 NBA Finals
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Boston Celtics (4) @ Staples Center
Game 6 - L.A. wins 89 - 67
Series tied 3-3

This is THE moment to exhale. Game 7 it is. Lakers couldn't have played this game any better. What a team effort all around. The champs backs were against the wall and a must win was the only option in view. Lakers completely dominated and held Boston to only 67 points, the lowest point total for the Celtics of this post season and entire regular season for that matter. At one point L.A. led by a whopping 27 pts! Boston had as much of a chance to win tonight as I had to getting tickets for the game.

One thing I noticed was the high intensity of the very "knowledgeable" Laker fans making their voices heard. Kudos to those who were there, your roars and chants were heard all the way from my living room! You made an impact for sure.

The Lakers bench stepped up big outscoring Boston's second unit by 12. Odom crashed the boards bringing down 10 w/ 8 pts, Sasha shot well and led the bench with 9 pts going 3-6, Farmar played great defensively hustling for 3 steals and Shannon Brown igniting the crowd with two HUGE dunks. With those UPS, what can Brown do for you?!

This game was so big even the First Lady couldn't miss it! If the Lakers play this well every time she's in attendance, lets relocate the White House to Figueroa Street! Artest certainly noticed she was among the fans as he helped with 15 points and 6 rebs making tonight his best performance this series yet. Gasol got his 12th D-D, one assist shy from his T-D (17 pts w/ 13 rebs, 9 assists). Kobe yet again stole the show having another game high 26 pts and 11 rebs.

Thursday night will be the night L.A. brings home their 16th baby! The renewed rivalry as rendered by the media has become quite the show that we all wanted and didn't want at the same time. My nerves can not handle any more! Please Lakers, do what you did tonight in game 7!

Now to Bostons stats...nah...not important.

Click here for tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports!

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