Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fisher Finishes Boston in Game 3

2010 NBA Finals
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Boston Celtics (4) @ TD Garden
Game 3 - Lakers win 91 - 84
LAL Leads 2-1

I don't EVER want to hear anymore s--- about Fisher. Oh he needs to retire or why is he still starting over Farmar? Derek, a veteran who never says die, was nothing less than spectacular tonight. Fisher was clutch in the 4th quarter and carried the team late in the game to help steal a MUCH needed win in Boston. D. Fish had his biggest game in these finals so far with 16 points. In timeouts you can see both Fisher and Kobe take over. I felt some comfort in that. One thing that bugged me all game long though was one stupid stat that didn't want to escape my brain. Pregame I heard a stat found by ESPN's research team stating that the last 10 teams to have won game 3 of the NBA Finals have gone on to win the championship. Sports radio also said that if you torture numbers long enough you can up with almost anything. Still this stat did its damage on me.

LO finally made his presence by scoring 12 points and grabbing 5 rebounds. This may not seem like a lot but compared to games 1 and 2, it is. A sports radio caller said today that he wanted to report an AMBER alert on Lamar for his disappearance since game 1. I thought that was pretty funny. Kobe had a game high 29 points with 7 boards and was his usual clutch-self with a late long 3 pointer to help keep a shrinking lead. I good sign in Kobe was his activity during timeouts. You can see the captain firing up his teammates and you can sense the importance of this game among the players. Artest only had 2 points but made a huge defensive play where he tapped the ball loose that went off of Davis' leg. That play resulted in a D Fish jay (where he was fouled by the way) that rebuild the lead to 6 points late in the game. Both big men played great. Gasol had his double double (13 pts/10 rebs) and has been consistent all post season long and Bynum was only one point shy from his double double (9 pts/10 rebs).

Boston started game 3 hot leaving L.A. in the dust with an early 7 point lead. KG was the spark that ignited the early run. He had a team high 25 points. Davis had some big "and 1" plays to help break into the decreasing Lakers lead in the closing minutes. He had 12 pts. Pierce was in foul trouble with 5 that limited his playing time but he still hit a couple crowd roaring 3 pointers. He ended the game with 15 points. The invisible man who was also invisible to the Lakers defense in game 2 was nowhere to be seen tonight. Ray Allen went 0-13 and 0-8 behind the arc thanks to some corrected Laker defense. Artest and Gasol both had blocks from several of Allens 3 point shot attemps. Allen only had 2 points, a very different game this time around. Rondo was only 2 assists short for his 10th double double in this post season. He had 11 pts.

This was a VERY IMPORTANT win for the champs. Fisher released his emotions in a post game interview, tearing up and expressing how hard a win this was as a team and how much he loves this game. This man is ALL HEART! The series is definitely not over and Luke put this win in perspective after the game by saying that the team won tonight but certainly not the championship. Look for Boston to come back with a vengeance Thursday night.

Click here for tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports!

Lets enjoy tonight's victory by first watching Paul Pierce's "We ain't coming back to L.A." video from game 2 and then D. Fishers pregame interview regarding those comments. Hey Paul you're right, you just might not be coming back to L.A. after all.

Click below for Derek Fisher's pregame interview regarding Pierce's comments in game 2. Notice the look he gives Jim Hill of CBS Sports. Fisher was determined to shut Paul Pierce up tonight and he clearly met his objective.

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