Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Finals in a NUTshell

Is it nuts to think that KG might actually pull it off? I mean he did guarantee that the Boston Celtics were going to win the 2010 NBA championship way before the regular season had even begun. Well, the moment has arrived and now it's time to say HELL NO! It's time for L.A. to avenge themselves from two years ago and demolish those green oompa loompas! We all know Boston has 17 NBA titles blah blah blah but the bigger story here is that the champs have the opportunity to go back to back and win their 16th Larry O'Brien! Those reasons alone make this rivalry so much sweeter. By winning the title for the 16th time in team history, the Lakers will only be two shy from becoming the all-time winningest franchise in NBA history.

Both teams are pretty familiar with the stage and what's at stake. Lakers need to show how they've grown into a much deeper squad since 08. With the new addition of Artest, they are now able to get more physical with the Celtic's bigs. Another area to look out for in Artest is his shooting. Will the 2010 NBA Finals show that he can hit the open shots? This post season has shown an up and down mental battle for Ron with his jump shooting, we all know he can sink them but will HE know that? His D will undoubtably show up but will he be able to slow Pierce down like he did in the regular season? Paul can not be stopped, just slowed down to a controlling halt.

This series will definitely come down to the bigs. For Boston, KG, Big Baby, Sheed, and Perkins will all be a factor. Bynum, Gasol and LO will HAVE TO come up taller and battle harder. Magic said in post game interviews in the 08 Finals that the Lakers were simply getting out physicaled. Perkins and Bynum are not playing 100% so will it show? I believe D Fish can win the 1 spot with Rondo because Fisher is the more physical player, granted the aging Fisher is not as fast as before but he can still get the job done in the clutch where the crumbling 4th quarter Lakers need him.

As for Ray Allen, wow what can I say, you give him some hardwood flooring and he'll give you some hardwood scoring. Lakers will need to defend around the expected run past the screen catch and shoot or it's lights out. For the NBA shooting elite, once the first shot drops, the rim becomes the ocean and the rock, well, becomes a rock. Breaking any rhythm early in the game is key.

Will Kobe's injuries finally catch up to him? Will he pull a LeBron and look towards his elbow if he has a shooting slump? Kobe will have to be nothing less than perfect against the Boston Four.

LETS GO LAKERS! (clap--clap--clap,clap,clap)


  1. LAKKKERS!!! We are now one in. Kobe is the best basketball player in this league and made 30 points in tonight's game. Artest stated he was emotional... and Sasha...poor beautiful Sasha wasn't working it (like 80% of the time) but he's still putting in more miles of running the court than anyone else. Do you see his heart at work when defending his team? I think he must of got told for his indiscretions of the last few games because he was afraid to shoot any shots but he's still got the biggest heart and THAT is what helps make a good team, and that's why he is still around. But anyway...Tonight was good but the Lakers need to Definitely up their game with the power we know they possess. This is only the first game, and at home no less. It's a pleasant beginning, But we got to up the anty because we KNOW the Celtics will, and they will throw unexpected plays at us, but we'll be ready!!! Go Lakers.

  2. LOL...Sashaliker. I like how you wnet into automatic defense mode for your boy Sasha. You ARE a Sashaliker.

    Great game for sure! Kobe is KING!


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