Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coming Back Home to Win the Championship

2010 NBA Finals
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Boston Celtics (4) @ TD Garden
Game 5 - Boston wins 92 - 86
Boston leads 3-2

Tonight Boston wanted it more plain and simple. All starters in green found a way to exhaust the Lakers, whether it was in their tag you're it defense, transition basketball or out-hustle plays, game 5 was easily for the home team. To me, the Lakers played tired before the first whistle had even blown and the Celtics took advantage of them being a step behind quickly with an 0-6 start. The Lakers defense was as visible as Lohan's court hearing appearances. L.A.'s D was stepping back to watch Pierce step back and nail his shots for a team high 27 points. Four Boston starters were in double figures vs L.A.'s two, Kobe and Gasol.

I can't stress the importance of how desperately we need someone else other than the usual 1-2 punch to show up and be the difference in the game. Artest isn't shooting well (2-9, 7 pts), Bynum is as good as his knee is (6 pts, 1 reb, 0 blocks), to me Fish is playing a little timidly (2-9, 9 pts). Lamar played okay tonight with the 26 minutes given, he had 8 pts w/ 8 rebs. I'm still waiting for his finals arrival though. Maybe the Staples Center will give him that extra push in games 6 and 7. Gasol had his 11th post season double double however Gasol is showing early signs of his alter ego Gosoft as his inside presence is becoming delicate again. His lay in's that should honestly be dunks are getting blocked from all angles.

Kobe can't do it all himself. He had a game high 38 points. Post game interview comments were focused on weak Laker defense but from a fan's observation his teammates were a little weak. Inside positioning was often denied and open shots weren't going in. His job was to help get his teammates more involved and to also have a 30+ point game. In the beginning of the game, team captain was in facilitator mode finding the open man for the open brick. After that song and dance Kobe realized that promoting team basketball wasn't going to win the game so he took over to meet his second objective of the night. No. 24 went off in the 3rd quarter by scoring 19 consecutive points while his teammates did little to help. Boston's lead never cracked under 6 points. The stat that stood out tonight is the games FG percentage. Boston went 56.3% to L.A.'s 39.7%.

Now, the champs are flying back home having to win games 6 and 7. The Larry O'Brien will only reside at the Staples Center if Kobe stops carrying the team. The man needs help and he's going to have to get it come this Tuesday and Thursday night. Honestly I would much rather lick a urinal clean than watch Boston win in L.A.

Remember, Boston won the title at home 2 years ago now it's time for us to win ours in L.A.

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