Monday, May 17, 2010

A Total Eclipse of the Suns

2010 NBA Playoffs - Western Conference Finals
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Phoenix Suns (3) @ Staples Center
Round 3 - Game 1
Lakers lead series 1-0

Lakers win 128-107.

After tonight, L.A. should change their name to their local MLS buddies, the Galaxy because they devoured the Suns. Nash in my opinion is the best PG in the league but the man needs to facilitate less and score more than 13 points. We all know he can dish for 20 assists a game but more importantly for the Suns he'll need to match those assists with points in this series. The one area where Phoenix usually kills you was actually what killed them tonight, going 5-22 behind the arc. The Suns bench came out shooting for 3's, Frye went 1-7 and Dudley 1-5, only making 2 out of 14 attempts.

Lakers out rebounded the visitors by 8 boards, mainly because of the Candy Man who one handed in 19, 7 of those OREBS. If L.O. continues to play like he did tonight (19pts/19rebs), the Suns will have a lot of trouble matching up with him. Stoudemire had a team high 23 points but only crashed the boards for 3 rebs. For a player who's been given the nickname "Stat" sure is only concerned with one. Lopez played great going 6-7 scoring 14 points in just 24 min. Richardson had 15 pts. and was 50% in 3pt. land. In my opinion Dragic's big spark off the bench scoring 13 pts. (5-8) was a catch 22 for the Suns because his contribution on the floor left their star PG on the bench in spectator mode longer than needed.

When Kobe scores 40 you know changes will be made defensively next time around. One man can not defend Kobe. It's time to double team for the outlet pass. Containing Kobe to under 30 and having L.A. rely on other players (other than KB/Pau) to carry the load will be the only shot Phoenix has to make this series a close one. Finally L.A.'s bench will not leave post game media lips in a bad way as they outscored the other ends second unit by 9, scoring a total of 44 pts. Oh yeah, Gasol also had 21 points making it his 6th 20+ playoff game so far.

For tonight's box score click here: Yahoo Sports! Lakers vs Suns - Game 1

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