Saturday, May 1, 2010

Round 2 Here We Come!

2010 NBA Playoffs - Western Conference
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (8) @ OKC
Round 1 - Game 6
Lakers take the series and advance 4-2

Congrats to the Purple & Gold! It was only fitting that Gasol ended the series with a ghostly box out and uncontested put back. This was Oklahoma City's Achilles heal throughout the series. Gasol owned the paint and pretty much walked in it when ever he wanted. Lakers even shocked me with last night's win. I had the Lakers advancing to the second round in game 7. I tell you what, OKC has NO REASON to put their head down especially with a fan base like theirs. As I watched the game I thought I was watching a Duke Final Four game with the sea of blue. OKC played with all heart and like Kobe said in one of his post game interviews, "OKC will be a challenge for us in the upcoming years".

In the closing seconds when Kobe missed his side line jumper my heart dropped but when I saw the big man grab that OREB for the easy put back I knew "we got this."

Round 2 will bring Boozer/D. Williams and the Utah Jazz as they pulled the upset to advance over the Nuggets. My heart goes out to Nuggets Head Coach George Karl and his team who took a devastating blow with his season ending departure to fight his treatable throat cancer. Coach Karl will come back with a vengeance and take over next season.

Out of all the drama from this first round series Lakers should at least take in more playoff experience and not take the Jazz lightly. Start VERY strong, set the example and finish them off quickly. Here are the game highlights.

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