Saturday, May 8, 2010

L.A. Times Magazine - Kobe Bryant

This month Kobe flew (by chopper) to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for the L.A. Times Magazine photo shoot (May). Kobe has been getting some flack for participating. Many people thought the recent photo shoot was a parody, a laughable joke mainly due to certain poses and outfits chosen for him to fashion off. It wasn't. Fashion is adventurous, fearless and for many creators a signature. Who better to interpret your vision than Kobe? Stylist James Valeri picked the right person, a figure who has no fear and always up for the challenge.

Just recently Kobe made cover of GQ. (click on link below)

GQ: Champion of the Year - Kobe Bryant Photo Shoot

Kobe has become a familiar face for NBA athletes in fashion. Many other NBA stars are known for their tasteful yet sometimes eccentric fashion statements. D. Wade, D. Howard, L.O., Lebron, Melo and Amari to name a few.

Click here for the L.A. Times Kobe Bryant Photo Shoot Gallery

Source: L.A. Times Magazine

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