Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home Sweet Home

2010 NBA Playoffs - Western Conference Finals
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Phoenix Suns (3) @ US Airways Center
Round 3 - Game 4
Series tied 2-2

Lakers lose 106-115.

Home sweet home for the Phoenix Suns as they did what they had to do by beating the champs to even the series at home. It's going to come down to home court advantage once again. One would think if you were to just see tonight's first unit stats, you would easily take the Lakers to have won this game. Lakers starters scored 86 points vs the Sun's 61, outscoring the home team by 25 points. Uh wrong! The big story of the night was in the Sun's bench production. Are you ready? 54 POINTS! 54 points from the Phoenix Suns second string where as the Lakers bench only having 20. It was a fantastic shooting game over-all and at times fun to watch as both teams were sinking their shots back and forth. A see-saw battle of pure wits. What a turn around of events since games 1 and 2. It's a new series with a hard earned revived spirit for those stubborn Suns who just won't quit. Phoenix will now have to achieve what has yet to happen in this series, win on the road in order to advance to the finals.

Kobe scored his consecutive 30+ point game having 38 pts. this time around. He also went 6-9 behind the 3 pt line and dished out 10 assists. He went red hot in the 3rd quarter but for some strange and very confusing reason the ball rarely touched his hands in the 4th. Oh well, there's no sense into looking back at tonight's loss. Let's call it what it is and regroup, refocus and redirect the momentum that favored us two games ago.

Click here for tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! Lakers vs Suns - Game 4 Box score

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