Saturday, May 29, 2010

Boston Bound

2010 NBA Playoffs - Western Conference Finals
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Phoenix Suns (3) @ US Airways Center
Round 3 - Game 6
Lakers WIN 4-2
Final score: Lakers 111 - Suns 103

Lakers advance to the 2010 NBA Finals by beating the Phoenix Suns in 6. Now comes the rematch from two years ago. Bring on those green bastards!

First let's congratulate the Suns for making this series a definite battle to remember. Nash, Amare, Hill and the rest of the team played their hearts out. The fan base in Phoenix is very strong and will never say die. Nash had an amazing season. Coach Gentry and the entire organization are a class act as they were all smiles despite the heartbreak loss after the game. The Phoenix Suns have several administrative decisions to make this off season so we will see what unveils in the upcoming months for the team.

Tonight the Lakers had an answer for every orange dagger thrown. Kobe silenced the crowd so often I lost track. He had a game high 37 points. The big contributor besides Kobe was Artest. Ron couldn't miss, especially behind the 3 point line, going 4-7. He had 25 points with 3 big steals. Artest was in a zone that I would like to see him not get out of in the finals. Lamar continues to make his mark in the paint by pulling down 12 rebounds. D. Fish was clutch in the end (as he always is) making tough shots to help maintain a bullheaded lead that seemed to keep decreasing as quickly as the game was ending.

The Dragic and Sasha show was exciting throughout the series but tonight the battle became very costly for one. Sasha hit several long shots in the early rounds but Dragic took the belt by almost solely being responsible for a Suns win at home. Let me explain, Dragic made a jump shot that was defended by Sasha and Dragic had some words to share afterward. Sasha not liking the confrontation raised his arms and close-lined Dragic who was behind him at the time. The almost silent US Airways Center from previous back and forth transition baskets reacted in a way that changed the games momentum to just about beat the champs and force a game 7. The 2 point jump shot became a 6 point turnaround as the flagrant foul gave Dragic 2 free-throws and possession which lead to a statement driven Dragic layup. Sasha's flagrant foul almost cost the champs the game. The Machine needs to keep his cool and just play basketball. Maybe take a few notes on how to keep composure by watching the Kobe vs Barnes episode this past regular season. Do I need to bring up the inbound fake pass to Kobe face play?

As a whole the Phoenix Suns played inspired basketball the entire series and shouldn't put their heads down after tonight's season ending loss. Many if not all Lakers fans had the Suns counted out going up 2-0. This goes to show you should never discount the heart of a lion.

Game Highlights

Tonight's box score and photos source: Yahoo Sports!

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  1. Finally Sasha is in the lime light for a minute! To bad its with a negative connotation. He has plenty of past drama with Dragic but it was nice to see him get that camera time his pretty face should get lol, but that's done, and the SUN went down! I was just glad to see ma baby stick up for himself. Beef it up and tone it down against the Celtics Sasha!!!


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