Monday, April 26, 2010

"What the hell is going on around here?"

When Kobe Bryant was bombarded with questions by the concerned media today at practice about the Lakers back being against the wall, he gave a very quick frustrated reply, "What the hells going on around here? It's a 2-2 series, it's the playoffs". He's right people, it is a 2-2 series and it is after all the playoffs where the expected is thrown out and the unexpected is welcomed. What do you expect? I swear Lakers fans are so spoiled and only expect flawless results after every game. The reality is the Lakers have many flaws and OKC took full advantage of them the last two games.

Here are the Lakers flaws so far this playoffs series, in my opinion.

Lakers can not guard Westbrook at the 1 position, he's too fast. Either double-team him or match-up better. I love D. Fish to death but he's just not a good match-up with Westbrook.

Lakers perimeter defense collapses because of unnecessary double-teaming in the inside and slow switch-offs. Time and again I see players leaving their man open outside to try and grab the rebound from an assumed penetrating shot attempt and most of the time the inevitable outside dish is thrown at the exact time L.A. fans sigh with frustration.

Kobe, in facilitator mode, hurts the team. I know this is an unfortunate catch 22 for Kobe because when he shoots too much the media gets on him and when he shoots less the media gets on him. What do you want from the man? I agree 2 shot attempts a quarter isn't going to cut it so Kobe has to facilitate much less and orchestrate the offense with his usual barrage of shot attempts. I really don't care if he goes 15-100 as long as his points help towards a Lakers victory. I prefer Kobe demanding the rock rather than him passing it. Until I see his teammates (other than Gasol) start making their shots I would prefer to see Kobe ball hog at this point. It's now time for Kobe to be Kobe again.

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