Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Time to Exhale

2010 NBA Playoffs - Western Conference
Los Angeles Lakers (1) vs Oklahoma City Thunder (8) @ L.A.
Round 1 - Game 5
Lakers lead 3-2

Post Game

Okay, can we exhale a little now? Tonight's victory seemed effortless and Hollywood scripted for an "amazing" 7 game series. It's obvious that home court advantage means EVERYTHING. Thunder can't beat us in L.A. and we cant beat them in Oklahoma City. Since Game 7 is at Staples Center and if we follow this series example Lakers will win in what came out to be a very exhausting battle among the surprising conference bottom seed.

This long first round series can either be a good thing or a fuel guzzling experience that might hurt the Lakers. L.A. can ride this momentum into the second round against the most likely Utah Jazz or come in worn out mirroring efforts from the regular season jet lag away games.

I understand that the Western Conference holds the more competitive match-ups but seeing how easily Cleveland, Boston and Orlando have moved on really concerns me. As a whole they only lost two games where as the favored top Western Conference teams are struggling early on. Denver losing 1-3, Dallas down 2-3 and us failing to close the 1st round sooner than expected. Never mind what the second round holds for us (assuming we pass the Thunder), we need to play with the same intensity as our rivals across the map because if we don't the Eastern Conference will tower over the beaten West with no mercy.

I'm not going to point out notable stats like I usually do because tonight's game was given by an OKC team who gave up in the second half. All they want to do now is fly back home to take their expected W and hope to finish this series with an upset back here in L.A.


  1. Maybe Oklahoma City gave up in the second half but, LA was also too much for them to handle. Defense was the story of the game. Defense and high percentage shots, getting in the paint is something we didn't do in OKC. Props to Kobe for lock down defense on Russell Westbrook, that took OKC out of their game plan from the very start. LA has them figured out, I think you'll be surprised in game 6. If we all stopped listening to ESPN and all the biased comments from Laker-Hater announcers, we would be as confident as Kobe, " Who said our backs are against the wall? " The veteren squad made the correct changes and thats why more experience always kills, no matter how long the series may go. I don't want to sound cliche but in the words of Pat Riley, " Never underestimate the heart of a Champion." Go Lakers!

  2. Kobetime, great points. Defense was indeed the reason why Lakers made OKC give up in the 2nd half. Like you said, Kobe completely took Westbrook out of the game which was key.

    I sure hope you're right about game 6. Lakers need as much rest as they can possibly get before round 2. I have no doubt the Lakers will take the series, I just don't know when, game 6 or game 7. Trust me I definitely prefer to end it in OKC to shut the fans up but honestly they are too tough to beat at home. Those fans are annoyingly loyal & loud and can be a big distraction for the Lakers.

    Damn right! Never underestimate the heart of a Champion!


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