Monday, April 5, 2010

Tijuana calls Ron Artest "Crazy" and hoping you will too

Ron Artest lands his new reality show called, "They Call Me Crazy" produced by Tijuana Entertainment, E1 Entertainment and Ron himself.

The show (once produced) will expose Ron's day to day routine allowing him to help rebuild burned bridges from his "crazy" past. This show will also let Ron expose his music hip-hop label, Tru Warier.

"I'm really excited to have the opportunity to invite people into my world to see the real me, and show them there are many more sides to the Ron Artest they see on the basketball court," Artest said in a statement.

Artest is responsible for the NBA's worst ever brawl involving fans. Here is the video in case you wanted to refresh your memory.

It will take a hell of a lot out of Artest to help re-polish his image. Artest has embraced Hollywood and the fans since his arrival and Lakers fans have already made him a Laker favorite. This new reality show (if done correctly) just might make Ron not only a local favorite but a favorite worldwide.


  1. Thanks for the lead Gino even though the article is several days late! Hey better late than never.

  2. No problem Eric,i didnt know you were gonna write an article about it though,i was just tripping out that he was actually gonna do a reality show and i had to share that with another Laker fan!Watching that video brings back alot of memories,i cant believe all that drama happened.That game had me at the edge of my seat,i thought i was watching WWF after all said and done.Lets just hope that scene never happens again especially with the Lakers!


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