Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Playoffs Just 5 Games Away

Five more regular season games until the 2010 NBA Playoffs. The playoffs is where it counts, I can personally care less about these last games. We got the top spot in the West and now lets just prepare to meet the top spot in the East, Cleveland.

I hear all this talk about how important it is for the Lakers to finish strong before entering the playoffs, who cares! Actually, rest the starters as much as we can because on April 17th, the remaining teams will be introduced to an entirely new Lakers squad. Bynum will be back eager to help the team, and Gasol will continue to play well and better when fellow big man is back on the court, Kobe will go into Playoffs mode, D Fish will be his usual clutch, Artest will be more physical defensively, Odom will penetrate much more and not settle for medium range jump shots, and most importantly the bench will play well again.

Listen, every Lakers fan knows that the real Lakers come out to play when it really counts. Remember what we did to Denver last year?

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