Friday, April 2, 2010

Lakers sign Kobe Bryant to 3-year extension

Kobe Bryant is Lakers franchise and the Dr. knows it. The Lakers organization signed Kobe to a 3-year extension leaving us fans feeling that more secure about his never departing the team. The tormenting thought of Kobe ever playing for another team has officially expired...we hope.

The financial terms total to $83.5 million scattered in his 3-year extension. Kobe will make $25.2 million in 2011, $27.8 million in 2012 & then close his contract out with $30.4 million in 2013. Cha-ching!

Kobe's 3-year extension comes a very long way from that terrifying radio interview given by Stephen A. Smith back in May of 2007. Kobe said on 1050 ESPN Radio in New York: "I would like to be traded, yeah. Tough as it is to come to that conclusion there's no other alternative, you know?"

Bryant was also asked if there was anything the Lakers could do to change his mind. "No," Bryant said. "I just want them to do the right thing."

My heart fell when I heard Kobe say these words. The Lakers organization pulled through and signed Pau Gasol that same year. Gasol also signed his contract extension earlier this season. GM Kupchak and Team Owner Dr. Jerry Buss recognize these two Hall of Famers as Lakers franchise players and thank them by cementing their spots through 2013-14.


  1. WHAT A RELIEF!That is the best news i heard yet...awsome!

  2. Tell me about it. That's a lot of mula! If Kobe let me play just one quarter of just one game of the season I would be set!


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