Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sports Illustrated NBA Poll: Who is the Dirtiest Player in the NBA?

Based on a survey of 173 NBA players, Sports Illustrated names the top 5 dirtiest active NBA players.

Here are the results:

Reggie Evans, Raptors F 21%

Ron Artest, Lakers F 13%

Andres Nocioni, Kings F 6%

Anderson Varejao, Cavs C 5%

Kobe Bryant, Lakers G 4%

I agree with the nut grabbing Reggie Evans (see photo and video above) taking the top spot but Artest at #2 and Kobe at #5? What? Really? These results are ridiculous. Let me guess, these 173 NBA players are probably the bitter bunch who can't get past Artest's strong D and can't stop Kobe.

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