Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ron Artest's Defense is Pretty Hairy

On a day where Laker fans didn't know what team would show up to play the Orlando Magic, seeing Artest's Rodman-like new hairdo was a sign of hope and maybe his attempt to spark up team defense after losing their last two games. His new hair look had the word "defense" dyed in three different languages, Hebrew, Japanese and Hindi. See photo collage of past Artest looks below.


  1. JUST STOP...QUIT THAT SHEAT ARTEST!!Ran out of paper at home man or some walls in your neighborhood!It just looks ridiculous man.Im a big fan of art work,just not on your head.Keep up the defense though,your doing GREAT!

  2. I kinda like his hairdo's. Hey, anything to help jump start the team! Yes, his defense has been great!


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