Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Lakers losing to Sacramento would be sacrilegious

Los Angeles Lakers (49-18) vs Sacramento Kings (23-44)
Divisional Standings: Lakers 1st Pacific - Kings 4th Pacific
Streaks: Lakers won 3 - Kings won 1
Season Series: Lakers 2-0


Turnovers! Lakers had 24 turnovers last night to almost give the game away to Golden State. Why are the Lakers barely winning over these teams who hold horrible records? It's turnovers. When the opposing team has only 5 turnovers vs your 24, you'll be lucky to come out victorious. Lakers were just that, lucky.

If the Lakers wish to get a W tonight against another poor playing team, they need to step back and completely wash off what was holding them down and show the Kings why we are favorite to repeat this season as NBA champs!

Lets not give Kobe an opportunity to get game winner #7 this season and kick Sacramento's ass! As exciting as these games have been to go down to the wire, I honestly can use a good old fashion landslide of a win. I want to turn my TV off at the end of the 3rd quarter and wake up to see highlights of the Lakers 4th straight victory.

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