Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Barnes and Kobe Show

What was up Matt Barnes ass today? Kobe kept his composure and Barnes kept at him. What an idiot. I liked how Kobe didn't flinch when Barnes faked a direct throw at Kobe's face. Kobe didn't even blink! Barnes should've been ejected for that stupid move.

Wait, now I know why Barnes was so upset. Kobe had 34 points vs his (cough) 10.


  1. I agree Eric,they should have taken out Barnes way before all that drama cause that was headed for disaster.Remember last seasons eastern playoffs when he head butted i think it was Paul Pierce,homie needs anger management!

  2. Barnes was just out of control while Kobe was keeping his composure. I just wished the Lakers came out victorious so he can throw it in his face!

    LOL, Barnes head-butted Pierce?! Wow...too funny!


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