Friday, March 26, 2010

And The Thunder Rolls

Los Angeles Lakers (53-18) vs Oklahoma Thunder (44-27)
Season Series: Lakers lead 3-0
Divisional Standings: Lakers 1st Pacific - Thunder 3rd Northwest
Streaks: Lakers won 7 - Thunder won 1

Post Game

Lakers lose 75-91. Where was the Lakers energy? Lakers only scored 15 points in the 1st quarter. The Oklahoma Thunder had way too many uncontested jump shots that led to easy buckets. They were simply faster and showed tight defense, especially against Kobe. This Oklahoma team is strong and very anxious to enter the playoffs for the organizations first time.

Losing factors

Kobe had 9 turnovers (only twice this season) and went 4-11 resulting in just 11 points. Kobe was locked down. LO was L.A.'s only chance for survival but he only ended up with a team high 15 points. The entire 1st squad played horribly. It's as if they partied hard with Garth Brooks (a local resident) the night before where the whisky drowned and the beer chased their blues away. Lakers need to bounce back fast because Houston is just tomorrow night. Even though Houston has been troubled with injuries and are only looking forward to ending this season with no playoff possibility, Trevor and Aaron are playing great together.

Here is the box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (click to enlarge)

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