Monday, February 22, 2010

SLAM Magazine: Kobe Bryant - The Art of War

SLAM Magazine recently put Kobe Bryant on the cover of their 136th issue. Kobe is pretty familiar with SLAM as he's made cover 13 times now.

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SLAM Magazine Covers Gallery - Kobe Bryant

SLAM has been with Kobe since his rookie year and continue to follow him throughout his roller coaster path as a Laker champion. Through the ups and downs SLAM has focused on the positive and exposed Kobe's real competitive side, ignoring the bad if any. This is the side true Kobe fans know and appreciate to see.

Its refreshing to know that there's a reputable magazine out there that follows athletes in a way that almost leads the reader to forget all the negative static about that athlete. SLAM definitely accomplishes this with all of their spotlight athletes. I'm glad Kobe endorses SLAM and helps support their message by showing face, literally.

To visit SLAM Magazine online and read their article on Kobe please click below:

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