Thursday, February 4, 2010

Phil Jackson: Greatest All-Time Lakers Coach

First Kobe Bryant, now the Zen Master. Congrats to Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson for passing Pat Riley as the All-Time Winningest Lakers Coach. He received his 534th Laker win over the Bobcats, 99-97.

PJ is currently the NBA's all-time winningest coach but now he can add this new accolade to his already legendary resume. If you were to open up Phil's NBA resume (Both Player & Coach), this is what you would find:

  • NBA All-Rookie First Team (1968)
  • 2 x NBA Champion as a Player (1970, 1973)
  • 10 x NBA Champion as a Coach (Most in NBA History)
  • NBA Coach of the Year (1996)
  • 4 x NBA All-Star Game Coach
  • NBA All-Time Winningest Coach
  • Chicago Bull's All-Time Winningest Coach
  • Los Angeles Lakers All-Time Winningest Coach
  • Most Conferences Championships won as a head coach (6 Eastern/6 Western)
  • Most Wins in NBA Playoffs History
  • Only Coach to ever win 70% of his games
  • Top Ten Coaches in NBA History (1996)
Some critics say Phil was just extremely lucky to have been able to coach the greatest NBA players of their time. This is why he was so successful.

Yes, I agree, PJ is extremely lucky but that definitely does not discount the success he's had coaching them. He's earned the respect among the players he's coached throughout his career. Phil does not need to prove himself to anyone. He's already done so.


  1. AWSOME STATS!!!We need 3 more championships with Phil in beat that record in Chicago...GO LAKERS!!!

  2. We can do it, thats if Phil doesn't retire after this season. Go Lakers!


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