Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jet Lagged Lakers Lose to The Jet

Los Angeles Lakers (43-15) lose to the Dallas Mavericks (37-21), 96-101.
Regular Season Series now tied: 2-2
Streaks: Lakers lost 1 - Mavs have now won 5

Post Game

Lakers end their road trip with a loss against the Dallas Mavericks. They conclude with a 1-1 road record. Lakers could not get a shooting rhythm and seemed to always be down by 5 points. Dallas played great and surprised the Lakers with their not so secret weapon in Jason Terry. Mr. 6th Man came off the bench scoring 30 points. What a luxury to have with the Jet as a back up plan. I like Terry and sometimes wish he was a Laker. He's one of those players who plays with all heart and shows his appreciation to the fans by hanging out after the game to sign autographs. Mavericks leading scorer was Dirk with 31 points. Kidd did his thing by scoring 14 pts., 13 assists & just 3 rebs short from his triple double. Marion and Haywood played well together by crashing the boards and being an inside nuisance.

On a high note, Kobe just needed 2 points to pass Reggie Miller (25,279) as the 13th all-time NBA leading scorer. Congrats Kobe for yet another milestone distinction this season! He scored the 2 points needed just 3 minutes before halftime. He had a total of 20 points. The Candy Man was the teams leading scorer with 21 pts. and played an over-all great game, especially during the stretch. It just wasn't good enough to beat a strong Dallas team at home. Bynum had his second double double of the month having 10 pts and 11 rebs.

Lakers as a team shot better than Dallas at .487 but played poorly defensively. This at the close cost them the game. I like what Bynum said in his post game interview with John Ireland about the officiating. He said, "Its hard playing 5 against 8". I've never heard that before and I thought it was funny. I'm sure a fine is coming his way.

Side note, Johnny our Texas correspondent was at tonight's game to witness history yet again. He was at the last Dallas game to witness Kobe score his 20,000th point and now tonight to be part of Kobe becoming the 13th NBA all-time leading scorer.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

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