Friday, February 26, 2010

Lakers vs Sixers - No Brotherly Love Here

Los Angeles Lakers (43-15) host Philadelphia 76ers (22-35)
Regular Season Series: Lakers lead 1-0
Streaks: Lakers & Sixers lost 1

If Lakers don't take this one I will...

...okay, let me start over, Lakers should have an easy victory over the laboring 76ers. The Sixers are struggling due to several reasons. Elton Brand has yet to show Philadelphia fans his true all-star potential since the 2008-09 season when he was brought on to play a key role and be the go-to guy. Due to unfortunate injuries and aging (critics say) his game that Clipper fans got the best of has been (temporarily) abandoned.

Allen Iverson who I personally thought would be the one to turn this team around has gotten back on a path that only leads to HUGE disappointment. If you remember, a choked up Iverson was signed back to Philadelphia after a very bitter separation.

His NBA career was almost to an end and heading to the European League was becoming a bigger option as the days passed. Then team President Ed Stefanski reached out and pulled AI from his self made hole and re-signed him. Iverson showed great progress coming back to his NBA playing roots in December and January. It all started to crumble down for him this month. He was constantly in and out of the line-up, and subsequently his minutes were reduced. This effected Iverson and it ultimately led to suspicions of him leaving the team for good. AI has only played 3 games this month.

The Sixers fate remain in Iguodala, Dalembert, Brand (If he gets his confidence back) and their younger players. Definite rebuilding is to come.

The champions are the counterpart. They have an already proven structure that works. Phil's philosophy has convinced critics. The Lakers are in no need to justify any longer. THIS is why we should beat any team that is off-course and in our way to our commonplace, the NBA Finals.

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