Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lakers vs Nuggets Game Highlights

Lakers win 95, 89.

Here is the box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)


  1. Awesome win.
    Really, really think that this is precisely what was needed with what LA are going to experience in March.

  2. Artest was the MVP of this game. Making Carmelo foul out in a playoff intensity game. Amazing win for kobe and the lakers. But Denver will stress up during the playoffs i can't wait to see how that will work out.

  3. Awsome game yesterday and i agree with you Emmanuel,Artest was the MVP of the game,excellent defence on Carmello.Denver is not going away that easy though,its gonna be even harder in the playoffs.It was easy last season when we played them for the western conference championship but this is a different team this season and that is gonna give us problems.It is gonna be interesting to see what we are gonna do.We have one more game in April in Pepsi center and i think that will be a good test for us just to see what to expect in the playoff from these guys

  4. @ Don

    It was exactly what the Lakers needed to enter March for sure. Lets hope LO and Artest can continue to play like that!

    @ Emmanuel

    Absolutely! Artest played GREAT defense and had (6) six steals. Count'em, SIX STEALS! Awesome!

    @ Gino

    Definitely. Denver is much stronger with Melo & Chauncey having career highs. This will be a tough round indeed. Dallas looks strong too. This year the NBA finally has two conferences that are playing well! No more one-sided competition. Lakers need to show the world why they are the best team come postseason. Go Lakers!


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