Monday, February 8, 2010

LakerLiker Joining Forces With A Laker Fanatic In Japan

We here at LakerLiker are excited to announce a new Lakers blog (est. June 2008) among us. The site was created by Don, needless to say a big Laker fan, who shows his Lakers loyalty from across the globe. definitely represents how hardcore a Laker fan can be based all the way from Japan. is beautifully designed and the second you enter it you'll realize how big of a Laker fanatic he really is. In just one year of existence, went runner up for best Basketball Blog in it's blogging platform (Bloguin) in 2009.

Just like LakerLiker, With-Malice has an editorial team whose Laker memories start with the "Showtime" era.

Take the time to visit and show Japan's #1 Laker fan some Purple & Gold spirit!


  1. Thanks Eric, certainly appreciate the lovin'!

    Looking forward to working more closely with a heap of other Laker blogs!

  2. Awsome site Don,keep up the good work in japan.....GO LAKERS!!!!


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