Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kobe Bryant: Greatest All-Time Laker Scorer

Congrats goes to THE BEST NBA player actively playing, Mr. Kobe Bryant! He is now the most prolific Laker scorer ever to wear purple and gold by surpassing the Laker great Jerry West. Kobe scores his 25,183rd Laker point against the Memphis Grizzlies! He ended up with 44 this game. Here is a video of all his points scored. Look for the unselfish dish off by Farmar to Kobe for the moment he passes Mr. NBA logo himself, Jerry West.

This monumental Kobe diem was however over-shadowed by a close loss to Memphis. Kobe ends up dishing the last shot opportunity to an open Ron Artest brick. I see the intent but I don't see the reasoning. I don't care if Kobe is double teamed, triple teamed, heck the entire team could've been defending him, he should've attempted the last shot (and he knew it as he walked away). It's okay, a loss to end the longest road trip of the season didn't feel as bad. I guess beating Boston in Boston and Kobe becoming the all-time greatest Laker score might've been at fault.


  1. Congrats Kobe for the all time Laker scorer man,lets hope that record dont get beat for a long,long time man!Thanks for holding that record for awhile Mr.West but its time for the young b lood BLACK MAMBA to take that seat!

  2. Congrats Kobe! You are simply the greatest Laker if not the greatest NBA player of all-time!


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