Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spurs Fundamentally School the Lakers

In San Antonio, Lakers (29-9) meet the Spurs (23-13). When you think of the Spurs you can't help but think of basic fundamentals and when you think of the Lakers you have to think of their enigmatic up and down roller coaster offense. This is a first this season that the Lakers have an unfortunate number of injuries. Artest (concussion), Luke (pinched back nerve), Gasol (Hamstring) and of course Kobe (index finger and now back spasm). This is when the Laker bench really has to pick up the slack. Look for them to play well against the Mavs tomorrow night.

Bynum continues to play well. He finished with 23 pts and 8 rebs. LO is playing consistently well defensively and killing the boards. Tonight he had 12 and is averaging 15 rebounds in his last 7 games. Kobe not playing in the 4th quarter due to his back spasm was the final nail in the coffin.

Tim Duncan had 25 pts with 13 rebs and Parker had 22 points. San Antonio's bench helped out by scoring a combined 43 points vs the Laker bench 20. The one stat that jumped out was the Spurs 29 assists vs the Lakers 13. Spurs were simply making their shots and George Hill helped out with the situation by going 6-7 resulting in a quick 13 points.

Here is tonight's box score courtesy of Yahoo Sports! (Click to enlarge)

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